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Could I bring children visa to legally stay at my boyfrienda€™s household?

Could I bring children visa to legally stay at my boyfrienda€™s household?

Is proof of all of our commitment (images, letters) required?

Concern: In traveling to Cuba for 6 days to check out my long-lasting Cuban date as well as to learn Spanish at Havana University. Are we able to invest some nights with each other at a Varadero vacation resort making use of this visa? Could it possibly be better if i-come on a tourist charge after which convert they at immigration as I show up?

Does all of our partnership qualify for an A2 family members charge?

Answer: most people to Cuba that long-term Cuban lovers (or company) get to Cuba with a traveler visa, after which get it changed to an A2 a€?family staya€? charge when in the nation. This calls for visiting the immigration company together with College Station escort service your sweetheart and the holder of the property for which you need to remain (in the event that proprietor is certainly not the man you’re seeing). Make sure to take your passport, visa and return journey citation. Often home manager has to show the propiedad (possession papers) of the house. You’ll also require CUC 40 in sellos de timbre (taxation stamps).

Take note: you’ve got day through the period of arrival to evolve a vacationer visa to a a€?family staya€? charge. Should you get to the late mid-day or evening, whenever immigration practices would have closed, you’ll be able to spend the first-night at your boyfriend’s home on your travellers charge, but you along with your boyfriend (and homeowner if this is NOT your boyfriend) are expected by law to document within immigration workplace very first thing 24 hours later to get the mandatory visa change.

Truly doing the discernment of immigration set up a€?family visaa€? can be issued. Before you have this visa, you can’t lawfully stay static in the man you’re dating’s house but must create additional holiday accommodation preparations at either a hotel or lawfully hired casa particular.

Also, it is to the discernment of immigration regulators whether or not they would want to read proof the commitment (images, characters, e-mails, etc.), you might be well-advised for this documentation on hand.

Also please note: a a€?family staya€? visa is perfect for only 8 weeks FROM DAY OF ENTRY TOWARDS CUBA, and then you are required to create the nation.

You mention, though, that you also plan to learn Spanish during the college of Havana. For this, you’ll need a student charge, which are often given by the college by itself. For more information, seek advice from the web site regarding the Universidad de La Habana at , simply click underFacultades immediately after which visit Lenguas Extranjeras. You might also attempt the next Address which supplies a description associated with the intense Spanish system, in English, also Immigration criteria for international children planning to study for the spanish division. You can also contact the Postgraduate workplace either by email [email safeguarded] or by phone (537) 832-4245, that will even be capable provide information about getting a student charge, etc.

Make sure to carefully take a look at regulations about whether or not you’ll be able to differ from students visa to a a€?family staya€? charge or vice versa, since there are restrictions. In earlier times, those on beginner visas were not able adjust all of them, within the country, to a different form of visa, and when their researches were complete, they were expected to allow the united states within a specific period of time.

For your date remaining collectively for a couple evenings in a Varadero hotel, as of , the ban had been lifted on Cuban residents remaining in hotels formerly set aside for people from other countries. At that moment, the Ministry of tourist updated hotels round the country of the modification.


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